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Petticoats: Fullness / Outstanding

The outstanding of a Petticoat is mostly determined by its fullness, although the material of the Petticoat or additional equipment like fish line has an influence on the outstanding, too. The fullness means how much material had been processed in a Petticoat. Less than 35 yards fullness you should not choose for Square Dance Skirts, otherwise it appears like a missing Petticoat. Big petticoats have a fullness of 80 yard. But the most  popular Petticoats have 40, 50 or 60 yard.
So that you can better estimate the fullness of the different Petticoats, the photos in the Petticoat overview are true to scale. Scroll there up and down. Pay attention how much the pictures in the overview are filled out, then you will realise the differences.

Petticoats: Material

Organdy, Chiffon and Net are the most common Petticoat materials.

Tüll-Petticoats Net is an open-worked product, matches most closely to a very coarsed mached window net curtain. Net is inexpensive and has the highest outstanding, but is so hard that it  would scratch without lining with Organdy at the body. Who is searching an inexpensive Petticoat with nevertheless high outstanding, buys a Petticoat in which -besides Organdy- also Net was processed.
Chiffon-Petticoats, Softie Chiffon is just the opposite, a tender, cuddly fabric. It is sheer and, e.g., a hand under it is visible. Soft chiffon is cuddly and soft to wear. Therefore, it has the smallest outstanding. You should choose a "Softie" when you like a cuddly feel on your body, when you do not want too much outstanding or when the petticoat must not crease.
Organdy-Petticoats Organdy means an elaborately equipped material. The result is a little translucent fabric with a fine net structure. At all points organdy is between net and chiffon. The basic material is more expensive as net but less expensive as chiffon. It is not hard and does not scratch, however, it is still firmly for a still good outstanding. Who is searching  a serious outstanding and at the same time comfort without coming in the prior price category, takes this material. 
More expensive and therefore less common are Lamé, Crystal und Ballonsilk.
Lamé-Petticoats Lamé  is exquisite and expensive. It is comparably comfortable to wear as organdy. But the people buy Lamé clearly because of its visual appearance. Metallic fibers in it let it powerful gloss. The colours look like the noble metals which gave it its name. Sometimes you see the whole Petticoat made of  Lamé, often only some edgings, the bottom tier or the outer layer consist of it.
An exotic material is Parachute Silk, also called balloon silk or taffeta. A Petticoat from it is opaque. The colours are clear, the material shines like silk. This looks noble and feels luxurious on the body. Its outstanding is as small as chiffon. A Parachute Silk Petticoat buys who prefer an especially noble appearance or the silk-like feeling.
Crystal is for many women definitively the only material that they want to wear. The outstanding is similar to Organdy. However, it is very much smoother so that it feels marvellous. Who has weared a Crystal once will not want to return to Organdy. Additionally Crystal looks simply dreamlike. Normal fibers and gleaming  fibers are woven in it. Tons of sparkling crystals are distributed about the whole Petticoat. Every beam of light lets him glitter lively.